Opinions on Sweet 27

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Play’n Go’s June 2017 slot, Sweet 27, is a perfect blend of classic and contemporary design. Anyone with a penchant for sugary treats or a penchant for all things pink and fluffy will find paradise in this game. Contrary to first impressions, this slot machine is a serious beast that may yield substantial rewards after only a few plays. This game is truly out of this world, with its unconventional 3×3 reel layout. Let’s take a look at Sweet 27 slot’s visuals and gameplay, as well as which UK casinos offer it.

Features of the Sweet 27 Slot

The Sweet 27 slot machine has only three reels and three rows, which may seem like a downsized version of a regular slot, but don’t worry; there’s still plenty going on in there. Play’N Go has done away with traditional paylines in favor of their “win all ways” strategy, which in this case amounts to 27 different possible outcomes.

The reels include sugared and whipped versions of citrus fruits, cherry fruits, strawberry fruits, and blueberry fruits. Among the candy-like designs are a chocolate bar and a seven. The final two pay the most (30 for a trey of a kind) and are thus the most desirable. The nicest aspect about this game is that you may win by simply landing matching symbols on any position on one of the reels.

Free Spins on Slot Machines, Number 27

This very appealing slot machine has only one significant bonus game—Free Spins with Rolling Wilds. When the circular wild symbol appears on reel 3, it triggers the bonus game and gives you two free spins. After then, it will continue to roll to the right onto the following reel. If you get another wild on the following spin, you’ll get an extra free game and a multiplier boost of 1. With a top multiplier of x3, and 20 free spins, you may earn an incredible x1,758 times your entire wager.

That’s a 27-spot jackpot!

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How to find the Sweet 27 slot machine online

Slot machine payout percentage, volatility, and jackpot information (for a total of 27 games)

Bets on Sweet 27 slots may be as little as 10p each spin and as much as £100. The basic yet exciting slot features a return to player ratio of 96.1% and a volatility range of medium to high. Thanks to the free spins and multiplier, you may potentially earn as much as 30,000 coins, or 1,758 times your initial wager.

Incredibly realistic visuals and sounds for a slot machine

The game’s sweet goodies, pink colors, and nice retro soundtrack made us think of a toned-down version of the Willy Wonka candy factory. It may be too sugary and basic, but the visuals are impressive and the overall production values are outstanding.

Our final thoughts on the 27th slot

We were first skeptical since the game seemed too simplistic and had a sweet premise. But trust us, this is a machine you want to play. It’s exhilarating, fast-paced, and fun—especially when the wilds start spinning. The game is entertaining and lucrative; it won’t make you rich, but you can earn a fair amount of money. So, try your luck at one of our recommended casinos.